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Flaming Licks

For the true hot sauce addicts who love to add a spark of spice to their life. Get a hot monthly delivery of fiery sauces to inject the flavour into every meal!

Hot sauce addicts and chilli fanatics, the flavours you’re craving are waiting for you with a Hot Sauce box from Flaming Licks. Light your taste buds on fire every month and bring your meals to life with a selection of the best British and European hot sauces and spicy snacks. Does your palate have what it takes to take on the flames?

Drizzle or drown your favourite foods in the most mouth-watering hot sauces and get a chance to sample flaming new flavours every month. From the simple, to the unique or the subtle, to the in-your-face fire, the Hot Sauce Box by Flaming Licks will blow your mind and taste buds away!

Can you handle the heat? Get your flame of choice today with the Hot Sauce Box!

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A monthly selection of flaming hot sauces and snacks delivered directly to your door.

  • 1 craft hot sauce of the month
  • 1 other hot sauce or spicy condiment - either pickle, paste, jam or chutney
  • 2 fiery items such as snacks, rubs, chillies or cooking products
  • Collectable recipe cards
  • Members-only community
  • Constant sauce supply!
  • FREE taster pack and hot sauce key-chain with your first box
  • Delivered directly to your door every month

Add a burst of flaming hot flavour to your favourite meals each and every month. With a subscription to the Hot Sauce Box from Flaming Licks, you'll receive a selection of hot sauces and spicy goodies delivered straight to your doorstep.

Each month, look forward to a box filled to the brim with one craft hot sauce of the month, one spicy condiment - whether it's chutney, pickle, paste or jam, two fiery snacks or cooking products and a collectable recipe card. Plus, a free taster pack and hot sauce key-chain with your first box delivery.

Satisfy those flaming cravings and set your taste buds on fire with a subscription to the Hot Sauce Box today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does uOpen work?
You can order this subscription either for yourself or as a gift for someone. With most boxes you can pay monthly, in quarterly or 6-monthly installments, or annually, so choose which option you'd prefer. Then provide us with the delivery address and your payment details, and place your order. Once ordered, uOpen liaises with the subscription box seller and they arrange for your box to be delivered directly to you.

When will the first box in my subscription be sent?
Specific details for this box can be found on the ‘Subscription Overview’ section.

How does the subscription renewal work?
Your subscription will automatically renew every month, every 3 months, 6 months or annually, depending on what subscription term you select. The auto-renewal can be easily cancelled in your uOpen account, but must be done at least 24 hours before the renewal date, otherwise your next payment will be automatically taken.

Subscription Overview

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  • Hot Sauce Box typically despatches {{ CurrentSubscription.shippingLeadTime}} day{{ CurrentSubscription.shippingLeadTime > 1 ? 's' : '' }} after the {{ addOrdinal(CurrentSubscription.cutOffCustomDate) }} of each month.
  • Non-gift subscriptions renew automatically - but cancelling your auto-renewal is simple and hassle-free
  • FREE delivery (UK addresses only)
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