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Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box

The ultimate assortment of delicious vegan snacks delivered to your door every month.

Are you ready to quit label checking? Or put an end to vegan snack hunting? The day has finally arrived for you to discover the ultimate solution with the Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box. Sweet and savoury and always super tasty, the Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box brings you 10-13 vegan goodies straight to your door - a full selection you’re sure to adore!

Explore new flavours and find some firm favourites with the ultimate vegan snack subscription box. Tuck in with the perfect assortment of vegan treats every month!

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The ultimate assortment of 100% vegan snacks delivered every month

  • Enjoy the best vegan products around
  • 10-13 full sized vegan food items
  • 10p from each box is donated to vegan causes and animal sanctuaries
  • 100% vegan box company run by vegans
  • Taste new flavours and ingredients
  • Discover new favourites
  • Discover vegan food not available on the high street
  • Delivered directly to your door
  • The perfect gift for the vegan or foodie in your life

Healthy, indulgent, sweet and savoury, the Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box delivers you a quality assortment of vegan treats every month. It’s time to quit the hassle of searching high and low for tasty vegan snacks and get the convenience you deserve - a monthly box delivery of 10-13 full-sized vegan snacks.

Discover a delightful assortment of vegan food that is not available on the high street. Look forward to snacks such as yummy flapjacks, sweet candies or mouth watering chocolates - completely and 100% vegan-friendly!

Lead the ultimate vegan lifestyle with the Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box, plus you can do your part as well - for every box that is sold, 10p is donated to vegan causes and animal sanctuaries!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does uOpen work?
You can order this subscription either for yourself or as a gift for someone. With most boxes you can pay monthly, in quarterly or 6-monthly installments, or annually, so choose which option you'd prefer. Then provide us with the delivery address and your payment details, and place your order. Once ordered, uOpen liaises with the subscription box seller and they arrange for your box to be delivered directly to you.

When will the first box in my subscription be sent?
Specific details for this box can be found on the ‘Subscription Overview’ section.

How does the subscription renewal work?
Your subscription will automatically renew every month, every 3 months, 6 months or annually, depending on what subscription term you select. The auto-renewal can be easily cancelled in your uOpen account, but must be done at least 24 hours before the renewal date, otherwise your next payment will be automatically taken.

Subscription Overview

  • Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box typically despatches {{ CurrentSubscription.shippingLeadTime}} day{{ CurrentSubscription.shippingLeadTime > 1 ? 's' : '' }} after the order is placed.
  • Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box typically despatches {{ CurrentSubscription.shippingLeadTime}} day{{ CurrentSubscription.shippingLeadTime > 1 ? 's' : '' }} after the {{ addOrdinal(CurrentSubscription.cutOffCustomDate) }} of each month.
  • Non-gift subscriptions renew automatically - but cancelling your auto-renewal is simple and hassle-free
  • FREE delivery (UK addresses only)
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